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Due to its flexibility, the possible uses of the KuKuk Box are very diverse:

Temporary use

With the KuKuk Box, we have developed a new category of extraordinary children’s playgrounds which can also be used for temporary applications. The playgrounds can then be dismantled and reassembled in new places without much effort in the case of relocations or for conversions of existing sites. We are thinking of unused areas in cities and municipalities or, for example, kindergartens which have to be temporarily relocated during refurbishment or new construction work to places where there is no playground. Our play facilities can also be deployed at short notice for special events.

As so-called “flying buildings”, KuKuk Box play containers usually do not need a building permit (check local law).

Permanent use

The KuKuk box is also excellent to use as a permanently installed attractive public playground. This always makes sense, in particular if a versatile play facility needs to be created quickly and for little money. The KuKuk Box can be installed in about 2 hours, stands on all flat surfaces (even on roofs and parking garages) and is extremely easy to maintain (fall protection only around slide exits). Time-consuming and expensive efforts for planning, applications, excavations and foundations, etc., can be saved.

Social participation

The collaborative culture is important to us. Children, adolescents and adults can use their ideas, interests and wishes to influence processes in their own living environment and become part of the whole. We have therefore also developed a Participation Box. For example, it enables schools, youth centres, youth hostels and social institutions to design their own play container and then use them themselves or send them to children in crisis areas.

The KuKuk Participation Box is not a ready-to-use solution; it is only set up beforehand. Inside, for example, it has some mounting brackets welded in and is equipped with materials such as round, squared and sawn timber, connecting means, ropes and colours which are needed for the expansion. The expansion can then be done jointly by a group.

In co-operation with the non-profit association KuKuk Kultur e.V., we’re pleased to offer participation projects. We organise the installation site, provide all necessary materials, machinery and safety equipment, expertly guide the participants (young people or adults) and even support with financing questions.

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